ヒップホップに限らず、「それっぽい」もの が当たり前になった中、原点を忘れず、流行・廃りに踊らされる事無く、

I got interested in arts and comics in my childhood. I moved to Tokyo in 1990 to seek an environment where I can continue painting. Then, in 1992 I got a deep impact from HipHop culture and Graffiti. I have been learning various techniques by myself and searching my own style of expression, and have made room for myself in. Warm characters paint with many kinds of methods such as acrylic, air-brush, sprays …etc, have gained favour with many people. I keep on expressing my own “color” without being swayed by prevailing trend in well-developed Japanese HipHop culture. My arts do not lose the original point while “things which look like that” are everywhere not only about HipHop these days. My artistic activities are supported in various ways such as apparel, CD artworks, magazine designs both in major and inunderground culture

2010 【 January 】NewYork at.Ouchi Gallery  – 100 Artist Exhibition –

2010 【 May 】NewYork at.Ouchi Gallery  – SOLO EXHIBITION “Flavor” –

2011 【 October 】NewYork at.Ouchi Gallery  – SOLO EXHIBITIO –

2012 【 November 】NewYork at.Ouchi Gallery  – SOLO EXHIBITION –

2013 【 January 】Yokohama/Japan at.GOODDAYS  – SOLO EXHIBITION / GOOD”OLD”DAYS –

2013 【 March 】NewYork at.Fountain Art Fair

2013 【 November 】Yokohama/Japan Yonabe Gallarey  – Group Exhibition –

2013 【 December 】Yokohama/Japan Yonabe Gallarey  – DARUMA Exhibition –

2014 【 February 】NewYork at.Ouchi Gallery  – SOLO EXHIBITION –

2014 【 March 】NewYork at.Fountain Art Fair

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